My handlers at Citydog! Club are good humans and make me feel loved.  They are my master, my alpha dog, my commander, my top dog, my leader of the pack!  They keep the gang in line.  That’s good because T-Bone always wants to party hardy.  The handlers are the boss and tell me what to do – sit, wait, come and leave it.  This makes my stay very stimulating and gives me a chance to please those humans – I love to do that; they get so happy when I follow their lead.  Those doggone handlers put more wiggle in my wag!
I don’t like to be home alone. I get bored. I bark, I dig, I chew, I scratch, shhhh….sometimes, I even pee. I love my human, but, when I can’t join them, I sure love to hang with the Citydogs! I love my pack – we are the happiest dogs on earth! After I greet and sniff all the butts, I romp, wrestle, chase, roll, fetch, sniff, tug, tag, yap, jump, snooze, sit, stay, treat and repeat. It’s better to play than do nothing! When my human comes for me, I wiggle and jiggle and slobber all over; then I get to go home, love my human and relax.
I always feel safe and sound at Citydog! Club. The humans know what to do just in case there is an emergency or one of us needs CPR or first aid.
I love humans. Other than thinking about good grub all day; I like to think about pleasing those humans. I never get lonely at Citydog! Club – there’s a human around me all the time – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Bow-WOW! That’s seven years for me!
Those Citydog! handlers love to teach me what to do – Sit, Wait, Come and Leave it. I love to watch their reaction when I do it – they get so doggone happy and show all their teeth. I love to make humans happy. We are practicing for our first flash mob – sit, down, sit, down, sit, down.
I got to go to a Meet & Greet at Citydog! Club. It’s party time! First I met the humans. I showed them I’m friendly and a fine specimen of health. They brought up the “F” word – yes, fleas – no fleas on me and thank goodness no fleas at Citydog Club! Next, I met some doggies – you know what that means, right? Yes, I got to smell some mutts, then, I got to play and hang out with a couple cute little doggies who were quite fetching and seemed to be very interested in me. My physical perfection and friendly demeanor won over those humans and the doggies. Now I get to go to Citydog! Club – play hard, have fun and be happy!
Fun is unleashed in my special play group at Citydog! Club. I get to hang with my buddies who are all about my same size and like to do what I like to do. It’s my Club within a Club. It’s not a clique – it’s just clever!
I always get a lot of attention from the humans at Citydog! Club. There are plenty of humans to lead me and keep me safe and sound.
Everyone at Citydog! Club knows my name and my stuff never gets mixed up with the other dogs stuff. Yeah, I like those other dogs, but, my stuff is my stuff.
I like music! Yeah you heard me…I’m a dog and I like chill. It’s cool. It’s down – no, don’t lie down. I’m just saying it’s down tempo, cool, lounge tunes. It wiggles my wag.
After all that running around at Citydog! Club, nothing beats a cool refreshing healthy, drink of H2O. It always tastes great at Citydog! Club.
Bow-WOW! It smells delightful at Citydog! Club. I can sniff anything out, even gross stuff like mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses – nothing like that around here. It smells like a fresh spring day…actually, it smells like tangerine – fresh, clean and irresistible! That’s got to be healthy for me. I do love to smell the butts and the fire hydrants; those are muttalicious. Ok…back to the air – it’s sniffing good here at Citydog! Club.
I love good grub! I love it! I love it! I love it!
I do so enjoy a comfortable environment – it always seems to be a beautiful day here at Citydog! Club. The sun is out, blue skies, puffy clouds and comfy temperature – I’m in heaven!
I sniff and sniff this floor and I can’t sniff a thing – nothing! It’s doggone clean! This floor is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Nothing gets trapped in it, not even in the corners and no seams. I even smelled the drains – nothing, absolutely nothing. I’ll have to go back to the butts.
I need my shades. Everything is sparkling clean around here at Citydog! Club. You should see those humans; they clean all the time. I test them out every so often. I wander over to my favorite orange fire hydrant, look around, hmmm…smells irresistible – ready, aim, fire! Those humans are right on it, making things sparkling clean.
My human spies on me. Yup, she told me. She said she watches me at Citydog! Club from her phone and computer. Shhh…she sometimes watches me from work. She just can’t get enough of me!
I’m so lucky! Sometimes my human takes me to Citydog! Club so I can play for a couple hours. While I play, my human hangs at the H Lounge with a WiFi hotspot. I know Spot and he is hot.


MTFL - Make Them Feel Loved!
Keep them safe and sound.
Provide a sparkling clean Club.
Surround them with good humans.
More wiggle in the wag!

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