August 6, 2014
Life in LA
By Nancy Lemus

We dine with our pets, take selfies with them, sleep with them, and go as far as creating social media accounts for them, so why not treat them to a nice relaxed vacation at Citydog! Club.

This doggy daycare puts all others to shame with their impressive amenities and committed attitude towards each hairy guest. Located at 3940 Higuera Street in Culver City, Citydog! Club offers: dog daycare, boarding, grooming, a boutique dog shop and the most important thing of all- a peaceful state of mind. It’s a one-stop shop for “humans” and their loyal four legged companions.

I was beyond impressed with this day care, that by the end of my visit, I was asking Phillip Kasdorf, co-owner of Citydog! Club, if they had a suite for me. I wish I could say I was kidding, but sadly I’m being completely honest. I walked into the facility bracing myself for that animal-shelter malodor, rude employees and the untrusting aura that provokes your dog to make a break for it, but that was not the case. As a dog owner myself, I want the best for my pets, and handing them over to complete strangers can leave me uneasy. At Citydog! Club I can guarantee your dog will be begging you to drop them off. First thing you notice as you walk in is the welcoming orange and green Citydog! Club logo. It immediately put a smile on my face with its bright modern colors and simple art.

Adjacent to it, a huge window where a white-cotton-ball looking pup was being groomed at the Style Bar. With its relaxed posture and willingness, I could tell that it was comfortable and perhaps enjoyed the pampering a little too much. The transparent nature of the club is a major plus and one greatly appreciated. Finding a trusting groomer and day care is a lot like looking for the right pre-school for a child. You have to meet the staff and check their credentials, check on the type of activities, read reviews and most important secure that your pet is happy attending. I’d like to consider Citydog! Club the top rated “school” that every parent desires. Having a transparent day care, where owners can observe their “children,” delivers a trusting environment where skepticism diminishes and tails wag feverishly.

Upon opening their first Citydog! Club in September 2012, Mr. Kasdorf and the team agreed that transparency would be the highlight of their business, “total transparent mind is important for us. We have to see where [our dogs] eat, sleep and bathe…” A promise so important that it continues when you leave the premise; a doggy cam is available and accessible via home computer or the Citydog! Club App. At this point I was ready to drop off Marley and Sonny-my two hairy kids-but first I had to see where they’d be hanging out.

The indoor state-of-the-art club is suited with plenty of activities in a clean and safe environment. Each Play Park offers an open-play and cage free floor-ground, where dogs are separated by size and behavior. Before any dog is allowed in the Play Park each must be screened to ensure a safe and happy experience for all dogs. Dog handlers supervise 24/7 and maintain the Play Park poop and pee free with special machinery and “PooPee” patches that rest on top of drains. Despite there being over 50 dogs the day of my visit, it smelled fresh and the floors were spotless. There were no stains or accidental puddles anywhere, just a sea of breeds and a happy barking musical.

As I observed through the one-way window, I felt like a first time parent who watches their child as they interact and socialize with the others kids. Interestingly, even in the dog pen, I could tell what dog belonged to what “clique” and what dogs claimed the alpha position. Still, the dogs were happy as they enjoyed each other’s company and were treated to organic delights.

In addition to all their great services, Citydog! Club also offers a dog boutique filled with lots of must-have items. They carry their own branded treats and have quality dog food products. You’ll find cool mugs, dog clothes and toys in the H Lounge or enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi while you wait.

In only two years Citydog! Club has opened four locations, and this fall San Diego will be its fifth home. The club has opened shop in Washington and Texas and according to Mr. Kasdorf plans of unleashing in the East Coast are forthcoming. If you’re looking to go on vacation or need to drop off your dog while you’re at work, Citydog! Club is open year-round and promises to create “more wiggle in the wag.”


MTFL - Make Them Feel Loved!
Keep them safe and sound.
Provide a sparkling clean Club.
Surround them with good humans.
More wiggle in the wag!

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