Rescued and Reunited – A Success Story

For the majority of animals that find their way into high-kill shelters, the odds are against their survival. Of the 5 to 7 million domestic animals that enter shelters each year, around 3 to 4 million are euthanized. It's a sad reality that is often too overwhelming to bear. But there are success stories.

In March 2012, LA non-profit rescue organization Wags and Walks discovered Jasmine, an abandoned pit bull who had been surrendered by her owners to an overcrowded shelter in Southern California. Her body bore the signs of what appeared to be severe over-breeding.

Said Lesley Brog, founder of Wags and Walks, "She was a beautiful girl. Her entire body wiggled with love, and her big brown eyes were very soulful. It was obvious she was starved for affection. She had a calm energy and kept licking me through the bars of her kennel."

Lesley rescued Jasmine from the shelter and brought her the vet's office to be spayed. They soon learned that Jasmine was carrying at least seven puppies and could deliver at any moment. What were at first believed to be the symptoms of over-breeding were in fact the telltale signs of pregnancy. Leslie was shocked, but determined to help Jasmine – and her babies – find homes.

Lesley brought Jasmine home to live with her and her family, and on Easter Sunday 2012, Jasmine delivered eight beautiful, healthy puppies. Through the dedicated efforts of Wags and Walks, wonderful local families including actress Sophia Bush adopted Jasmine and all eight of the puppies.

Now, a year later, Wags and Walks is reuniting the brood of eight – and momma Jasmine – just in time for Mothers Day. The private event for the dogs and their human companions will be hosted by CityDog! Club in West Los Angeles on Saturday, May 11th.

Said Wags and Walks' Lesley Brog, "Our goal on this day, aside from bringing this wonderful family back together, is to show people that shelter dogs are wonderful and that Wags and Walks is always dedicated to saving as many innocent lives as we can."

Wags and Walks is a 501 (c)(3) corporation located in Los Angeles. Leslie Brog, a former pharmaceutical sales rep and veterinarian's daughter founded the company, and strives to educate people about shelter dogs and to help find those animals suitable, loving, homes. Wags and Walks' mission is simple: together, we can change the world, one dog at a time. For more information, contact


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